Zoho People-Human Resources Management system

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Zoho People-Human Resources Management system

January 30, 2022

Zoho People-Human Resources Management system

CCT would like to share with you the successful project we have at Zoho People. We think you will be impressed with this amazing project and how the people of Zoho use it as a Team Followers Program with their Human Resource Management process.

The client needed to be able to apply its essential requirements to have an employee website, organization chart, and most importantly be able to monitor policies that may affect bonuses and employee promotions. As part of these needs, it was important for the organization to be able to produce reports as needed to assess staff success in the system. reveals features that are truly beneficial. Here is a quick summary of some of the great features we have presented to Zoho People:

ZOHO features

Here’s a quick summary of some of the major features we introduced in Zoho People:

  • Compiled Reports by Zoho People

This year, to help HR professionals make more informed decisions for your employees, we’ve launched Consolidated Reports. By default, Zoho People comes with several reports of important HR processes, including attendance, leave, timesheets, performance management, and more. In order to provide a more integrated working experience, we have combined all the reports under one tab so that HR professionals can easily draw information without interacting between different screens. All reports are divided into three categories, namely Personal Reports, Team Reports, and Organizational Reports.

  • Zoho People Kiosk

Two months ago, we launched Zoho People Kiosk, a smart face recognition app designed to help local staff mark their departure easily. The application captures the image of the activity requesting in / out, compares it with the existing profile image on the Zoho People server, and allows login/exit only when ownership is verified. This will help you to ensure that only authorized personnel will have access to your office building.

  • The Condition in Zoho People

Staff immunization rate is one of the most important HR departments to be monitored. To make personnel policy management much easier for organizations, we have introduced the Vaccination Status, a new feature of Zoho People. When the Vaccine Status feature is turned on, a shortcut will appear in the Zoho People dashboard where employees can update their vaccination status and their vaccination certificate, if partially or completely vaccinated. This will help organizations to get a clearer idea of ​​their organization’s vaccination patterns.

  • Leave a Grant for users in Zoho People

Zoho People’s leave management system comes with several cool features that enable organizations to define leave policies and manage employee leave requests in a way that is consistent with their organizational policies and regulations. To make our leave The Zoho People holiday management system comes with many positive features that enable organizations to define leave policies and manage employee leave applications in a manner consistent with their organization’s policies and laws. To make our holiday management system even more efficient, we have introduced the Leave Grant feature to help organizations manage to leave applications that do not interfere with their normal leave entitlement. Father and Mother’s leave is an example of some of the types of leave that can benefit from a Leave Grant.

  • Normal Performance

We introduced the Performance Monitoring feature as part of our performance management system to help organizations ensure that performance appraisal is appropriate and in line with local and regional laws. In fact, performance controls may adjust the ratings provided by qualified auditors based on the organization’s appropriate rating. Once performance measures begin to flow, regulators can detect the percentage when the ratings given to analysts deviate from the appropriate distribution ratio. Once all the testers have submitted their ratings, it may begin to get used to it.

Major Initiatives

To help HR professionals step up their HR game, make HR processing simple, and provide the best working experience to their employees, below are the following initiatives:

  • Leadership webinars

We at Zoho People have organized a number of webinars based on the HR topic and other key leaders in the HR industry. These HR professional webinars are designed to help HR professionals learn more about tested and tested HR data and strategies that have a significant impact on human resource management.

  • Newspaper

Zoho People has a customer-only newsletter designed to keep our customers informed of all significant developments regarding Zoho People and the latest HR styles. Recently, we upgraded our newsletter to include sections such as HR Tip of the Month, Fun Activation, Month Feature.

  • Leadership topics

At Zoho People, we have created the HR Knowledge Hive, a single resource hub for all HR resources. Since the beginning of this year, we have added a few articles, blogs, and infographics based on key HR topics such as HR technology selection, rides, performance management, staff training, and development.

  • Great prizes

The awards we receive show how much our staff, customers, and partners have helped our product work even better, and we are grateful to everyone who helped Zoho People become what they are today.

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